And so another weekend is done…

I trust everyone had a fabulous weekend, took time out for themselves, enjoyed time with family and friends and maybe even rewarded your hard work with something nice for yourself.

I managed to fit in all of the above and then some!

Just as the meme suggests, one of my favourite things about my job especially on those “hard to get out of bed monday morning blahs” is looking forward to all the snuggles and excitement when I walk through the door and am face to face with my darling, smiley, excited to begin a new week, twin charges.

It really does make it a great start to every week doesn’t it?!

I’d like to know…how do you get through the monday morning ‘blahs?’
Have a great week friends!

thanks for stopping in!
urban nanny


2 thoughts on “And so another weekend is done…

  1. stephhage07

    Seven things: 1. Caffeine. 2. More caffeine. 3. Relax. 4. More caffeine. 5. Snuggle. 6. Caffeine. And 7. Extra caffeine. πŸ˜‰ I try to make Mondays as relaxing as possible so that we can just focus on getting back on schedule/routine. (Aim for no appts or classes on Mondays!)


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