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Spreading the Love

What do you do when you get to work on a monday morning only to find the kids ridden with pink eye, a horrible cough, mild fevers and in quite miserable moods?

That is what I arrived to this week…and my first thought was “it’s going to be a L-O-N-G week”

And was it ever! but….we made it through and MB sent me the lovliest message thanking me for my patience, kindness and enthusiasm during this difficult week.
I have to admit, that I have never had any problems taking care of sick children, usually it just requires more patience and sometimes some new strategies…my biggest concern is always getting sick myself and then taking it home to my family. I normally don’t do much else than wash myhands a hundred times a day anyway…but this week we did the hand sanitizer and hand washing so much so that my hands are now super dry, cracked and bleeding. I struggled all weekend to touch things without causing myself pain.

This week we focused on birds as our theme, making nests on cardboard with bits of yarn, strips of brown paper and ribbons then finishing it off with a pom pom bird complete with googly eyes and tail feathers.
We coloured bird pages, made toilet paper roll binoculars and went out to bird watch (it’s amazing how something so simple is always such a hit!) we sung bird songs and rhymes, we held feathers and flew around the house. We played in bird seed and made a bird feeder to hang outside….the kids, despite their illness were little troupers…I’m so very proud of them.

The good news is the kiddoes are doing much better on their second round of antibiotics and so far so good on me staying healthy as I do not want to get sick and miss out on the spring weather we are ‘finally’ having.
I look forward to a less germ filled week ahead and healing my hands  🙂

I would love to hear if you struggle with your hands and experience over dryness and how you deal with it….what is your ‘magic’ hand saver?

Hope you had a lovely week and weekend and that the coming week is filled with spreading the LOVE and not GERMS 🙂

urban nanny