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The Best Me…

Being the best we can be takes work…and it’s work, because if you’re anything like me, you work anywhere from 40-50 hours a week or more and then come home and run errands, grocery shop, do laundry, cook dinner, clean up, parent your own children by helping with homework etc…and that’s just the average week night.

Then the weekend comes around and it’s pretty much all the above mentioned, with the added, social obligations, shopping with the kids, visiting parents/ in-laws and trying to get in some couple time…

It’s no wonder we feel tired and overworked sometimes!

What I have had to work on over the years  is taking care of me…FIRST… When I set aside time for myself daily/weekly, it helps me re-group, re-energize, and re-focus myself.
Daily, when my charges ( the twins ) nap I carve out a half hour for myself to eat my lunch (chewing slowly) make a cup of tea, meditate, stretch or just read a few pages of a good book before I get into the tots laundry, clean up, and set up for afternoon activities,  This half hour (although truth be told sometimes is only about 20 minutes) is a wonderful way to re-gain some patience and calmness, I couldn’t do my job well, without it.

Some days however, I don’t get that break, life happens.  This just means that I have to make even more of an effort to fit that half hour in for myself at the end of the day. Now that my kids are in their teens, and my husband has become quite proficient in the kitchen over the years, things have gotten a little easier. I am home last, so dinner is usually started or waiting for me, it’s a big help! I sink into a tub or take a shower and then either head out to the local coffee house or the health food store for some treats, or a book store ( my favourite!) for some relaxing “me” time. If I don’t feel like heading out, a little reading, sewing/knitting is great for the soul. The kids both do their own laundry and aren’t attached to my apron strings…it’s alot easier these days.

Twice a week I pop into the gym…it helps shake off any negative energy and makes me feel like Wonder Woman. REALLY! it does…

And then…the weekends….the glorious…fabulous…how I look forward to them, weekends.
It all starts by sleeping in until 8 am….CRAZY I know! 🙂 Followed by breakfast sitting down, not forced down my throat on the go like every other day and then some cleaning, organzing, catching up on loose ends, planning curriculum for the tots for the following week, some laundry and then…SHOPPING! or a movie…or a bookstore…or lunch/dinner with hubby or friends/family.

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it!? Trust me when I say, it wasn’t always like this. There have been years where I didn’t know if I was coming or going. Nannying, raising my own kids, doing it all…I was stubborn, I never asked for help and I wanted everything to always be PERFECT!….DUMB!  It took me a looooooonnnnngggg time to learn and figure it out. It was well worth it. No matter how much I wanted to be great at my job and great at being a mom, wife, friend, daughter…I found it really hard to give them all my very best. I was spread way too thin.
I know everyone is in different situations… just remember it takes work, and planning but most of all you have to want it, love yourself enough to be good to yourself.
Make this your ‘mantra’
“It’s good to take care of ‘me’ and know that when I do,  I am the best that I can be.”

How do you juggle it all? How do you manage to carve out ‘me’ time?

thank you for coming by!
urban nanny